Ever since I was a young boy, I always had a passion for interior design and decorating for holidays. Beginning at the age of eight I was getting my hands dirty, whether it was in the garden or rearranging my family’s living room. As I got older, my father taught me how to paint. Boy the layers of paint on my childhood bedroom walls. If those wall could talk they would probably say, “can you be like a normal child and play video games and watch cartoons?” Instead, every six months it seemed I was painting my bedroom walls and redecorating.

Immediately after Thanksgiving, I would be putting up the tree and decorating the front of the house. I have a passion for Christmas decorating! When I turned sixteen years old, I got my first job. Every penny I made would go towards bed spreads and lamps, or Christmas trees and ornaments. Needless to say, I really enjoy creating. A few years later,I began making wreaths and selling them to friends and family. As I’ve grown older and matured, my designs have gotten better and better. Eventually my friends and family began asking me to put up their Christmas trees and decorate their houses. At first, I was hesitant because decorating was always my sport and I never wanted it to become a job. However, I finally broke down and started doing significant work for clients. I realized that it still wasn’t work, even though I was being paid for it. I still treat it as my passion and my calling. I’m not sure if there is an area of design that I don’t care for, I love it all!

Charles Richard’s Designs is a professional interior and exterior decorating service specializing in autumn decorating, floral and event decor, home staging and Christmas decorating. We are located in Troy, NY. For questions about rates, services, or to inquire about a booking, please contact us through the information provided on the contact page. Thank you so much! IMG_0936

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